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Reviews for Attorney Alexandra Isroff

Divorce And Family Law Attorney Reviews For Attorney Alexandra Isroff At Sterling Lawyers
Attorney Alexandra Isroff
1603 Orrington Ave
Suite 661
Evanston, IL 60201
(312) 598-1711
Practice Areas:
Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
Primary Location:
Evanston, IL
Licensed Since 2006
Average Client Rating

4.7 out of 5
Based on 334 Client Reviews

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I felt my question was a basic, procedural question, that shouldn’t have required more than a base understanding of statute yet it cost 100s of dollars and much time to answer. This is a BIG problem in America. Simple question (what is the default placement for kids if my becomes medically incapacitated?). My original lawyer didn’t answer… you accepted payment to answer and even then didn’t have an answer readily available. This despite my asking the same question in the initial intake. It’s a racket.

Client:Bryan S
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
May 16, 2024

Ms. Ali & her team was so compassionate & did a remarkable job as being my attorney. I loved her character and support throughout my case. Once again Thank Ali and her team for a job well done. Cornelia J. Smith

Client:Cornelia J J
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
May 15, 2024

I’ve had nothing but a positive experience from start to finish. I feel like I had plenty of time to explain my situation fully during the consult, whereas other firms I’ve called wanted to get to the cost before I had any questions answered, this was a completely different experience. We had a great and informative conversation and the cost was discussed when I felt ready for it. Then my lawyer Ali Isroff and her paralegal Danielle were great! Communication and getting everything filed was super easy. I put off my divorce for a while and with how easy everything was, I wish I would have done it a long time ago. Yeah a lawyer is going to be expensive, but I tried doing it myself and things got way too complicated and I was terrified that I would mess it up. I also really appreciated the fixed rate because I wasn’t constantly worrying or wondering how much every detail and interaction would cost me. Appreciate you guys!

Client:Tajana A
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
May 13, 2024

Great service

Client:Sharice S
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
May 10, 2024
Client:Tajana A
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
May 2, 2024

I had the dissolution of my marriage handled by Sterling Lawyers (Ali Isroff, specifically), and I can say that she and her team had my back at all times. Anytime I had a question or a concern, Ali were always able to quickly clarify my questions and handle all the steps of the process in a very professional way and at the same time she always made me feel like I’d have my rights protected, which was very comforting during this period of stress. Her team were great with communication , most of my emails were always answered in a matter of minutes. Anytime I had an issue and I needed orientation on how to proceed, they were there, and that eliminated a lot of the pressure of going through a divorce.

The office in general, since the first contact, they made sure to cover all my questions, quickly and effectively, also, the way they explained the whole process prior to any commitment was very clear and straightforward, which was the reason I decided to work with them.

Client:Carlos R
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
May 1, 2024

Ali and her team did an excellent job, I could not be more satisfied. I’m sorry I didn’t take the time to write my review, she send me the link to do it. I will take the time to do it this evening.

Client:Carlos R
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
April 26, 2024

Ali is an incredible attorney.

Client:Ashley B
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
April 24, 2024

After searching for several options for divorce lawyers I came across with Sterling Lawyers, they were the only ones that could gave me a total amount for their services, something that was a relief since other lawyers charged hourly, and you never know how much you will pay. It was affordable. Layer Ali Isroff took my case and she was amazing not only my case resolved quickly, she was respectful with both parties, she took the time to explain everything to me, and make me feel safe, she was available to answer any questions I had. Definitely, one of the best decisions I have taken in something that was so important. Even on the court day she was the only layer who sent all documents in order, no issues arise and we were able to resolved promptly. I'll recommend 100%. I'm really satisfied with my decision and encourage you to hired them, they were the best ones, after talking with about >13 firms they being the last ones I'm blessed that I found them.

Client:Maria C
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
April 22, 2024

All the attention I received was very helpful and insightful the staff ,as very attentive to me. I would most definetly recommend your firm to anyone in need of Å•epresentation

Client:Pablo H
Attorney Hired:Alexandra Isroff
April 19, 2024

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Bar Memberships

State Of Illinois Bar Association
State Bar of Illinois
Admission Since 2006


Chicago Kent University Of Law Chicago
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Doctor of Jurisprudence (2005)
University Of Wisconsin Madison
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Journalism and Women's Studies (2002)
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